David – Batman V Superman

Hello and welcome once again to our website, in this occasion I want to talk about one of the most waited movie during 2016, As you might know, this movie has been produced by Warner Bros. Pictures, the film took around 2 years to be released, personally I am not a big fan of DC but many people were talking about it, so I said to myself “let’s give it a shot”, I didn’t know what to expect about this movie, I read in other blogs as well as talking with some friends that the movie wouldn’t be as popular as the company were expecting because it was too close to one of my favorite movies “Deadpool” that you can right my review here by the way. Some people thought that Batman V Superman wouldn’t be a hit, but actually it was, I was surprised when I tried to book some tickets on Cineplex 5 days before, everything was booked.

Official picture

Official picture

Before the movie

Finally, that day a friend had some tickets and invited me to watch the movie, the line was huge, a lot of fans were really excited about it, they were wearing T-shirts and some big fans had costumes related with the movie.

one of the pictures that I took that day

one of the pictures that I took that day

We arrived an hour before the movie because we expected having to wait for a while on the queue, once we got into the cinema I started to be a bit more excited about the movie, when you are in the cinema and you see a large group of people being crazy about the movie, it is something I cannot describe, even though I have to remind you guys I am not a big fan, the energy that the fans have make you feel the same way.

On the movie

After all that time spent on the line, finally I went to my seat and you know, every time you go to the cinema they make you watch like 15 minutes of commercials and pointless advertisement, I wish I could tell them “Hey go ahead, we are here to watch the movie not your advertisement” but well I can’t do that, so I have to handle it.

Well guys finally after all that boring ads, the movie started, couple of friends read the comic book and they told me some basics things about this comic, so I kind of knew some of the story, but not everything, my friends told me a bit about it in order to understand more the story some of them told me “Hey bud if you do not know this, you won’t be able to enjoy the movie” so yeah I spent a whole afternoon learning about it, After all it was worth it, because it was a great movie, the actors were really good, the way this movie was made, it’s amazing, I loved it.

The length of the movie was 151 minutes; I’d totally say the best 151 minutes of my day, I think I wasted lots of my time doing something else, Now I understand why this movie is so popular and a lot of people were waiting for it.


Honestly after the movie I became a fan of DC it was really worth it, I think I’ll watch more stuff about it, because I really enjoyed the movie, I’d rate this movie 5/5, if you haven’t watch it, what are you waiting for, Now it’s my top of list of favorite movies.

DC comics

Olivia “Deadpool”

Hey there guys, It’s been a long time since I wrote my last post, I am sorry about that, working and studying it’s hard, so that’s the reason why I couldn’t post one of my reviews, but I am back *claps*.

Today I am want to talk about Deadpool, maybe everyone who’s reading this post already when to the cinema to watch this movie, or some of you guys just searched online for free, anyway let’s go to point, I bought some tickets 10 days before, in this occasion I decided to invite my sister, as many of you know I don’t like to go by myself to the cinema, so if you live in Vancouver email me and we can create a group, and meet up somewhere to go and watch a movie.

Was I excited about this movie?

As a big fans of writing reviews, I’d say yes, I am always excited about every single movie because it gives me content to write about but in this occasion I was more than excited to go and watch the movie, on the way to the cinema I was discussing with my sister about the movie, I think she was tired of my speech and she just said, “Can you please wait until we actually the movie”.

Before the movie

Before the movie

When we were arriving to the park lot of the cinema we realized how many people was waiting to watch the movie, we had some struggle finding a parking spot, I told my sister to come earlier but she never listens to me, but anyway that didn’t stop us to go into the cinema, we spent about 30 minutes to enter to the cinema, we grabbed some popcorn and soft drinks as usual, and when went to our sits.

How did I find the movie?

I am very picky when it comes to movies, but I’ll be fair, I will tell you about the good and bad things about this movie as I usually do, let’s begin:

Good things:

  • I have to say a big congratulation to 20th century fox for their great good in the quality.
  • The actors were really professional and the actuation was perfect.
  • The story engages the viewer to stay away.

Bad things:

  • The way the movies is explained it’s a bit confusing.
  • I think the movie is a little bit too long, it makes it a bit boring.
  • This kind of movies are really burnt, so I knew what would happen.


A pic of this cartoon

A pic of this cartoon

After all the movie wasn’t too bad, not one of my favorites but yes it’s a must to watch this movie from 0 to 10 I’d give this movie a solid 8, I have to accept that the guys who edited the movie did such an amazing job that’s really important to me.

If you want to talk about the movie, don’t be shy and send an email, I’ll promise to check my email time to time, to keep up with you guys. See you next time.

Anthony- Deadpool

Good morning, good afternoon or good night from whenever you are reading this article, before I start writing about my experience with this movie, I just want to see thanks to all the people who read our articles, you’re the fuel that keep us writing and uploading reviews to this page, we hope you keep reading and sharing our articles on your profiles, also thanks to all the people that email me, especially to Andy Lee from Seattle who always send me emails as well as big thanks to Max Mcnair from Los Angeles, you are a really good fans, you are here since we started, I really appreciate it.

How was the day of the movie?

a closer look of the cinema near my house

a closer look of the cinema near my house

I am not a really social person, so I decided to go by myself, I don’t live really far to the cinema, “ I guess I am very lucky” I went walking to the cinema, 2 blocks from the cinema I saw a bunch of people waiting for the movie, I booked at 5:00 pm that day, so I expected some delay, luckily I always go at least an hour before the function start, I was pretty much on the front of the line, I didn’t have any struggle to enter to the cinema, I bought a coke and some candies, Honestly I don’t like the popcorn that they sell as well as I think it’s a big overpriced, but well that’s none of my business, I found my seat after 5 minutes walking thought the cinema, that always happens to me, but anyway I always find it.

Did I like the movie?

Before I start my reviews I want to post some stuff about the movie, I don’t know why I always do this but it might be useful for someone who haven’t watch the movie.

  1. The movie is directed by Tim miller.
  2. The movie was produced by 20th Century Fox and Marvel Entertainment.
  3. The length of the movie is 108 minutes.

Let’s being now, to be honest it was a really short movie and I got thousands of questions after watching it, I think the way the movie is made its pretty simple, so sorry to all the fans of the movies my intension is not to hurt anybody but this movie was a big fail, at least to me, after all remember guys this is just my opinion, I know many of you might say, “hey dude that movie was great”, “ What’s wrong with you”, “what the heck…” but yeah I didn’t really like it I’d give a 4/10 to this movie.



I won’t be hard this time, I know this was a really big movie, but I didn’t enjoy it but wait not everything has to be bad, I have to recognize that the quality of the movie was really good, the actor did a good job doing it, and if you already watch please email me, I’d be really happy to hear from you, but please do not write explicit content because probably, I’ll ignore it, anyway guys, hope to see you next time, and don’t forget to share our website.